Suffolk Long Island Mentor & Mentee was founded by Heawon Hake, the chair of New Adult Committee at NASW, Suffolk Chapter. Suffolk L.I. M&M provides services for new adults by matching them with a mentor who can assist in defining and achieving their life goals. A mentee can receive guidance in acquiring specific skills, making certain decisions, seeking career building opportunities, participating in social and recreational activities, obtaining emotional support or spiritual guidance, and utilizing existing community resources.

As an organization, we are comprised of professionals, mentors, mentees, board members and volunteers whom all value freedom, relationships, honesty and social justice. When choosing to be a member of Suffolk L.I. M&M, you are choosing to contribute a valuable service to you and your community. Our members reap the rewards of heightening the positivity and encouragement in our community by being a part of the solution and by making a positive difference.