About Us

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Suffolk Long Island Mentor & Mentee (L.I. M&M) was founded by Heawon Hake, the Chair of New Adult Committee at National Association of Social Workers (NASW), Suffolk Chapter. To further our mission, we offer services, opportunities for engagement, and inspiration for new adults in the Suffolk County area. We collaborate with Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare and several Suffolk County libraries.

Suffolk L.I. Mentor & Mentee provides services for new adults (ages 18–34) by matching them with a mentor who can assist mentees in defining and achieving their life goals. Mentors can help mentees learn and acquire a specific skill, help with making an educational choice, expose them in career building opportunities, engage in social and recreational activities, provide emotional support and spiritual guidance, and give direction to existing community resources.

We provide free orientation, training classes, support groups, supervision sessions for all mentors, and place high emphasis on safety for both mentors and mentees.