Why We Are Needed

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Entering adulthood can be a challenge for anyone. Gaining independence, while exciting and long awaited, comes with responsibilities and decisions. Now, more so than ever, new adults are under enormous pressure in our fast-paced world and some may feel that they have nowhere to turn to for guidance. Suffolk Long Island Mentor & Mentee seeks to reach out to these new adults in our community and give them the helping hand that they have been looking for.

The world today presents different challenges for new adults. Rapid development of communication technology can make many feel more isolated than ever and a changing economy has made educational and professional development even more necessary and competitive. Our mentors have achieved success in various parts of life and have the wisdom and insight to help new adults improve their social skills, achieve academic success, or make career decisions that might otherwise be overwhelming. With the help of a mentor, new adults will be more likely to achieve personal success and less likely to make destructive decisions. In addition to receiving helpful guidance, findings indicate that mentees are 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 27% less likely to resort to alcohol, and 33% less likely to resort to violence, making mentoring beneficial to the menteeā€™s behavior as well.

While this sort of guidance creates a positive impact on the new adults, the M&M program is also beneficial to the mentors and the entire Suffolk County community. In offering their guidance and insight, our mentors gain the satisfaction of helping a new adult achieve their own success. With successful and well-adjusted new adults and involved mentors, Suffolk Long Island Mentor & Mentee also creates a more connected and happier community that everyone who lives here can enjoy.