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Having a mentor can contribute enormously to a successful and satisfying career, education, social life, and relationship with oneself. Each member of our organization has experienced the need to have a mentor to help guide them through their own life journey. Much of the things we learn in life happen not through books, but through real world experience. The mentors at Suffolk L.I. Mentor & Mentee help prepare mentees to be independent and to develop a life that they desire. Being a mentee shortens the learning curve for acquiring the skills and knowledge most critical to being happy and feeling fulfilled. Suffolk L.I. Mentor & Mentee provides young adults with mentors who are willing to help listen, counsel and advise them with any personal, social or educational struggle, without the fear of judgment. Our mentors respect each individual’s life challenge and would be honored to work with a mentee in need of guidance.

Mentee qualifications: 

Mentees are new adults ranging between the ages of 18 and 34. Mentees will want to build supportive relationships with caring mentors who will provide non-judgmental guidance in developing life goals and finding ways to achieve them. Mentees will want to improve school/work success, self confidence and satisfaction in life. Like mentors, mentees will commit to engage in the application process, and mentoring hours of a minimum of two meetings per month for 6 months (which can be renewed). The program is free for mentees!

To Apply:

Interested in learning more or ready to apply? Fill out an application to become a mentee by clicking here. As always, feel free to contact our staff with any questions you may have at


“Mentor and Mentee program for Suffolk LI is great. It opened to great network of supportive and professional people. My mentor is awesome! And one day I want to be a mentor like her too!”- Rafi

“The LI M&M club provides a supportive environment where we truly want to see each other succeed. In a conversation with Heawon, I learned about a possible scholarship opportunity from ACCES-VR. When I went to a local labor department to get more information, I was given a full scholarship to Hunter Business School. I don’t think I would have accomplished this without M&M- it means a lot to me to say that. And the mentorship is excellent. My mentor Nicole is so generous with her time and resources. I look up to her as a good example. She’s always upbeat and kind with a smile, and gets things done. I admire this. I know there’s a lot of work for me to do still, but I’m definitely in a much better place than I was before I started with M&M. School begins in 3 weeks and I’m confident that I’ll do well there. I have a great network of support behind me in the LI M&M.”- Lauren